I was genuinely flattered to be asked to give the Innotribe closing keynote at SIBOS this year along with my good friend Brett King. Brett and I decided to try something a little different so we went for a sci-fi theme, looking at what we might learning about the future of money by looking at what writers, rather than technogists, think. 

asangoio 2019-Sep-26

There are a few pictures from the session in an album here. The main thing that I hope they convey is the amount of work Brett put in to make this amazing set of slides for the wall behind us! The presentation looked absolutely spectacular.

SIBOS 2019 stage cards

I wrote about some notes about the keynote and put them on Medium along with some pictures, so please feel free to head over there to get more details, byt the essence of the session was that it is up to society to make some choices about the future of finance and not leave those choices to the technologists.

IMG 0050

Fortunately an artist was on hand to try to make sense of our mad ramblings so here’s a permanent aide memoire! Despite the fears, I am sure that the reputation economy makes more sense in a post-scarcity world than an economy based on resources.

BrettKing 2019-Sep-26

I want to finish with a shout out to the kind people at Innotribe who also bought a bunch of copies of Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin and arranged for me to sign copies for delegates. I was genuinely flattered to be asked to do this, and I can’t thank SWIFT’s Innotribe team enough both for this session and and for a terrific 2019 event.

And to finish, here’s what a couple of other people had to say about it...