Quartz/Retro Future of Money

I took part in the “Future of Money” short film put together by Erik German for Quartz and RetroReport. It’s a super piece of work, drawing on one of my favourite “back to the future” themes and using the famous stone money of Yap to explain Bitcoin.

The core idea is discussed in the film is that money is a form of memory. The memory of communities. It used to be dumb as rocks, but we are moving into an era of smart money. 

LSE Review of Books

The LSE Review of Books have a kind review of my work. They say…

In Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin: From Money that We Understand to Money that Understands UsDavid Birch draws on a long sweep of history to trace how technological developments have changed, and will continue to transform, money, and outlines a largely optimistic vision for the future of payment technologies. Regardless of whether readers agree with all of Birch’s claims, this is a timely and illuminating contribution that should be read by students of finance and financial law as well as policymakers working in the field of financial regulation