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David Birch is the author of a fresh, original and fascinatingly wide-ranging short book about developments in the field, Identity Is the New Money. His is the best book on general issues around new forms of money, and new possibilities generated by blockchain technology. 

John Lanchester, London Review of Books (21st April 2016).

Dave Birch gave one of the most hilarious and orginal talks I ever listened to.

27/2/2016 Matteo Rizzi, co-founder of SWIFT Innotribe.

Perfect pitch, delivery & understanding of audience from @dgwbirch on the future of money #meaningconf instagram.com/p/gdSk0wBnI6/ 

08/11/2013 14:57 Jemima Gibbons (@JemimaG)

“Thank God for @dgwbirch, currently giving thought-provoking and witty talk on payment security“

@timgreen64 (Westminster e-Forum, 14th February 2013)

He had people falling off their chairs laughing while at the same time getting a serious message across loud and clear.

Katie Gwyn-Williams (October 2011).

"spent most of yesterday reading every blog post by @dgwbirch since 2006. When it comes to identity issues, the man’s a genius.”

Tom Ilube of Garlik (March 2010).

I read David because I can never accurately predict his opinion, which means either it's all signal, or he is in fact a natural source of randomness, both of which are highly valuable.

Danny O'Brien (July 2009).

He is an expert, engaging and witty writer. What he writes is worth reading and amusing.

Financial World, p.48 (May 2007

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